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When planning a get away, you probably think weekend escape or school holiday family vacation. But there are some really good reasons to think outside the square when it comes to your time off. Let’s explore the beauty of a midweek getaway.

Beat the Crowds

Let’s face it; the whole idea of a “getaway” is to escape the crowds. On weekends and school holidays everyone has the same idea, so the crowds seen to come along with you. If you genuinely want to have space for yourself then best time to travel is when the crowds are busy at work!

The 100-acre property at Friday Creek always feels private, but there’s a special stillness here midweek. If you explore a little further afield, you will have the fishing spots and walking trails to yourself and be able to find a table at the local cafes or your own private corner on the Coffs Coast beaches.

Improve your Mental & Heart Health

Studies abound to prove that a good break is great medicine. The National Institute of Health’s trial followed 12,000 men with high risk of heart disease over a 9-year period and found that these men were 32% less likely to die from heart disease if they took frequent holidays.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Mind Body Center tracked the health statistics of 1,400 people against their hours of leisure time and found that time off lowered blood pressure and stress hormones and decreased depression.

These studies are American, but we suspect that the same could be said for us Aussies: time off makes us happier and healthier. We figure time away from holiday crowds will have a similar effect. And there is no doubt in our minds as to the therapeutic effect of a few tranquil nights in one of our private cottages.

Be more Productive

The most common reason for not taking a midweek break is too much work and too little time. But how productive is your time at work? Researchers at the University of Illinois have found that short breaks improve productivity in the long run. Contrary to what you might expect, being purposefully distracted can actually improve your focus.

So we suggest that a few days being purposefully distracted by the birds in the trees, the rolling hills, the open fireplace and the luxurious spa bath at your Friday Creek cottage might actually help you to get more work done!

Save Money

The cost is often one of the biggest hurdles to getting away. When you travel midweek you not only beat the crowds, you beat peak rates. Off-peak accommodation rates and extras abound when you choose to travel at the times when others stay home.

Take advantage of Friday Creek’s midweek special running from 14 May to 29 June 2018.

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Bookings must be made direct.  Call 02 6653 8221 or email info@fridaycreek.com to make arrangements.  We can’t wait to see you!

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