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The secret is out! Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular.  But why?  Here at Friday Creek Retreat couples love our destination wedding venue because they get to enjoy their ceremony, reception and accommodation (for up to 40 guests!) all in a location they adore.  But there’s more to it than just an all in one venue.   Check out the top five reasons couples love choosing a destination wedding over a traditional wedding venue.

Holiday with your Loved Ones

Whether your family and friends are coming from all corners of the globe or from Sydney and Brisbane, a destination wedding puts everyone on neutral territory. Reducing stress and potential for drama. And better yet, everyone get’s to be on holiday!

More Intimate

If you really only want your closest family and friends to attend your wedding, you’ll be much more likely to get away with it.  And instead of spending only a few hours with all your loved ones, you have the chance to spend days enjoying each other and making long-lasting memories together.  After all, for most people this is a once in a lifetime reunion opportunity, why not make it last?

Save Money

On average destination weddings are more affordable than a traditional wedding.  Couples can lower costs by booking during low seasons in warm climates or having fewer guests on the list.  Beautiful scenery means less need for pricey decor.  Or save by choosing a picturesque rural location instead of a high priced city venue.  Here at Friday Creek Retreat we take it one step further allowing guests to ‘bring your own’ vendors, offering couples the flexibility to cut costs where they choose and only invest where help is truly needed.

Accept Help

When the event is away from home, most couples are more inclined to relinquish control.   Choose a wedding planner to make the day run smoothly, so that you can sit back and truly take in every moment of the day.  For those of us who have a ‘Type A’ personality, it’s a good excuse to avoid our temptation to control and allow someone else to be the perfectionist that carries out your vision for you.

Unique Wedding

While many couples choose to hold traditional weddings, connecting their new vows with cultural heritage, others prefer to create an experience that reflects their unique personalities. Destination weddings allow a chance to stand out from your friends and let your own true colours shine.  Make your wedding truly your own with a location special to you and your love.

Find out more about having your destination wedding at Friday Creek Retreat on our weddings page, including pricing and our range of packages that suit up to 150 guests.  Give Judy a call at 02 6653 8221 to check date availability or schedule a personal tour.


Written by Michelle King

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