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Bring your binoculars and your bushwalking shoes! Its your chance to spot some of Coffs Harbour hinterland’s most adorable and elusive wildlife.  Whether you’re a seasoned Australian local getting back to nature or a world traveler seeking new experiences, get to know the native animals that call Friday Creek Retreat home on your next holiday.


Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with birdsong.  A glance up at the trees, and a moment’s pause, will have you locking eyes with our feathered residents.  A kookaburra cackle at sunrise and the sight of honey eaters and lorikeets flitting from one native bloom to the next.  Its easy to get caught up in the birdwatching world when there are so many different species just outside your door.  And I mean literally, just outside your door.  One cheeky little butcherbird has been known to even greet guests at their verandah door.


With plenty of grass and paddocks around the property the Kangaroos and Wallabies can be found munching to their hearts content on the fresh greens.  Easiest to spot when all is calm in the early morning hours and in the late afternoon as the sun begins to set.  As the wildlife at Friday Creek is truly wild, it is best to keep a distance of at least 20 metres to ensure the animals’ welfare and your safety.  Guests who keep quiet and observe at a distance help the animals feel confident to stay around longer.


Although quite elusive this unusual animal has been spotted several times in the freshwater creek on the retreat grounds.  Because platypuses are mostly nocturnal, our advice is to get up very early and be very quiet to get a glimpse of these quick semiaquatic little mammals.  Its a great excuse to sit quietly beside the creek and take in the morning mist as the sun rises over the hills.


The iconic koala is a much loved Australian favourite to spot in the wild here at Friday Creek Retreat.  And sadly this quintessential Australian species is now vulnerable to extinction due to tree clearing, vehicle strike, disease and dog attacks across the country.  The forested sections of Friday Creek Retreat are designated Koala Sanctuary Habitat, and we are proud of this commitment to protect and encourage them to thrive.  Admittedly, its not easy to catch a glimpse of these sleepy tree dwelling marsupials.  Guests are most likely to spot a koala between the months of September – February. During this time koalas are on the move searching for a mate during breeding season.

Red-necked Pademelon

Just after sunset, sit on your verandah and look to the edges of the eucalyptus forest and you may see the silhouette of a very small kangaroo like creature.  The pademelon is a small wallaby that frequents the forested areas seeking out its favourite native grasses and herbs to munch on.  Binoculars are a great tool for having a closer look at these, adorable shy creatures.

Micro Bats

A nocturnal favourite easily spotted on your verandah in the evenings are the many species of micro bats.  These tiny mammals are welcome residents that play an important part in pollenating the beautiful blossoms and eating insects outside your cottages.  We especially appreciate them cleaning up all those pesky mozzies in the summer months!

Feeling the need to unplug and get back to nature?  Summer is fast approaching and cottages are booking up quick, ensure your getaway is planned by calling Judy at 02 6653 8221 or book now.  

And since we’re a pet friendly accommodation, be sure to let us know if your best furry friend will be joining you.

Australian koala in tree

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