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Whether you get away for a weekend or a week, a babymoon could be your last chance for time out before the responsibility of parenting hits. A precious time to connect with your partner while you are still a ‘couple’, and contemplate your new ‘family’ together. Here are some things to consider when planning the perfect babymoon.

Location, location, location!

Where you choose to babymoon is your number one decision. You want to dodge any unhealthy situations when you’re pregnant, so better to avoid any challenging travel destinations. Forget the long flights or cruises, extreme weather and stressful foreign countries. Consider retreating to the serenity of native forests, coastal or country landscapes.

Friday Creek Retreat in the Coffs Harbour hinterland is easy to access and secluded enough to rest easy and restore. Nine private cottages are nestled on a private 100-acre property in green pastures and rolling hills. Far away from the stresses of modern life, yet only a short 15-minute drive from Coffs Harbour with airport links to major cities, this is an ideal babymoon destination.

Don’t leave it too late

As you approach the end of your pregnancy other priorities will compete for your time. From finalising work and seeing your doctor, to preparing the nursery and finding all that baby ‘stuff’. Plan to book your babymoon in advance to ensure you don’t run out of time (sometimes these babies do come early!).

Ideally look at going on your babymoon during your second trimester or early in the third, so you are more likely to be over morning sickness but not so heavily pregnant as to be uncomfortable (or at risk of birthing in your room!) If you’re considering flying, remember, airlines may not allow you to travel late in your third trimester, so best to check their rules.

Get it into your belly

Good food. An essential ingredient for any holiday but especially important when you’re cooking a bun in the oven! Think delicious, fresh, healthy options, safe for you and your developing baby.

Each of Friday Creek Retreats nine cottages has a fully equipped kitchen so you can take complete control of your nutrition. The Coffs Coast is home to a wide array of local markets and organic farm gates, so you can stock up on fresh, local produce. If you feel like pizza, wander down to the pool deck and take advantage of Friday Creek Retreat’s popular wood-fired pizza oven.

Of course, it wouldn’t feel like a holiday if you didn’t eat out some of the time. It’s a good idea to check the menu and make sure there is comfy seating before you decide on a café or restaurant. There are plenty of options in the Coffs Coast hinterland including wineries, country pubs and cafes – so plan to enjoy a romantic meal for two while you still can.

Lap up the freedom

Ensure you enjoy those activities you won’t be able to do as easily (or at all?) with your baby. Remember to keep them pregnancy-friendly. Forget the extreme sports, wine tastings and late-night clubbing. It could be as simple as delving into a good book or doing some gentle exercise in the great outdoors.

From your Friday Creek Retreat cottage you can head out for a scenic walk, cycle a country lane, swim in our pool or a nearby waterfall, or just snuggle into a comfortable chair on the balcony. Some couples organise a photo session to capture themselves in all their pregnant glory and Friday Creek offers a stunning backdrop to your memories.

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Your babymoon is a time to concentrate on each other, reflect on your relationship and the excitement of what’s to come. But it needn’t be an expensive, five-star affair. Often it’s the simple things we value most, especially when enjoyed together.

Friday Creek Retreat offers plenty of pleasures that won’t cost you a cent: watch the sunset or sunrise, share a spa bath (not too hot!) or a picnic lunch, snuggle around an open fire, gaze at the stars, listen to music or the sounds of nature. And don’t forget the wonders of a good, old-fashioned sleep.

Footnote: Bring Your “Best Friend”?

You might want to consider bringing your pet along for the babymoon. All that love and affection that has been showered on your dog, cat or hamster is soon going to be shared with a tiny human being. This may be your “best friend’s” last chance to bask in your undivided attention.

Friday Creek Retreat is pet friendly so all of your “best friends” are welcome!

For more inspiration to plan your ultimate babymoon escape, visit Friday Creek’s website or give us a call on 02 6653 8221.

Remember, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor regarding your travel plans.


Friday Creek Retreat is
Pet Friendly!

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