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Wow, brides get so creative these days.  This past weekend we had another stunning wedding on the pool deck and it got me reminiscing on all the details that have made each of the weddings held at Friday Creek Retreat so unique.  From DIY decor to collaborative styling with fantastic vendors.  The blend of little details really create a look that reflects each couples’ character.  So I went on my own little hunt for what details really reflect the essence of Friday Creek.  I found gorgeous photos and unforgettable reviews from our guests. Here are eight venue details that really reflect the character of Friday Creek Retreat itself.

Friday Creek Retreat Minimalist Decor

Photo: Stories by Ash

Minimalist Decor

With an outdoor ceremony and reception, nature becomes the backdrop for which all styling unfolds.  Minimalist signage and arbors creatively use the natural beauty all around to accent the unique elements that each couple calls their own.  Like this gorgeous custom directional sign created by Laura Elizabeth Design.


Friday Creek Retreat Romantic Florals

Photo: Leah Moore

Romantic Florals

Although we have plenty of foliage, I swear a big mass of blooms just makes so many people smile.  Id say if Friday Creek had a favourite flower arrangement it would be a romantic mix of tiny natives and big blush toned blooms.  There’s no doubting the romance of this peaceful stunning place, and the diminutive natives remind us of the hard work and collaboration it takes to grow one tiny bloom in this environment.  A centre piece design from Flowers By Bonnie, captures that Friday Creek essence beautifully.


Friday Creek Retreat Rustic Charm

Photo: DMT Photography

Rustic charm

Lets face it, every farm has rustic charm.  And every bit of it takes priceless time to get there.  Weathered wood worthy of admiring against the rich contrast of freshly pressed suits and flawless white dresses.  Its like wrinkles on skin, reminding of us of the journey we took to get here today.  (Makes me want to thank my agrarian husband for all his hard work on this beautiful land).  I know every couple who finds joy in walking the park-like grounds or who has leaned on one of the old post and rail fences at our entrance, will understand the charm of that journey.


Friday Creek Retreat Peaceful elegant wedding venue

Photo: Leah Moore

Peaceful Elegance

Now when I thought of elegance, I was actually thinking of our Bedouin style stretch tent, that puts such an elegant glow on our rural backdrop.  But then, I thought of how elegant peace can be.  Well peace we have plenty of.  Probably the most common word guests use to describe this special place is, ‘peaceful’.  So with that, we’re calling it another character trait of Friday Creek Retreat.   A trait, I think we all can agree, the world needs more of.  It’s also a trait that amplifies the atmosphere of intimacy and joy in which a wedding ceremony truly glows.


friday creek retreat country character

Photo: DMT Photography

Country Character

Brides that wear cowboy boots and ceremonies where guests sit on hay bales are right at home here too.  After all, we are a working cattle farm with paddocks surrounded by our Black Angus x Brahman herd.  Bring on the light-hearted love affairs and dance the night away to your favourite country tunes.  


Stories By Ash - Eco Conscious

Photo: Stories By Ash

Eco Conscious

Lovers of the land won’t be disappointed in the reverence and care we have for the native flora and fauna that call this land home.  The forested sections of Friday Creek Retreat are designated Koala Sanctuary Habitat.  We’re quite happy to protect these areas for such majestic and vulnerable creatures.  Many details that come with weddings can be harmful to the natural environment, which is why we look out for ways to be more environmentally friendly and ask our couples to do the same.  One easy and potentially DIY detail that will help you tread lighter on the land, is using confetti made from plants or flowers instead of the usual plastic materials.  It’s as easy as using a hole punch on leaves to create your own natural confetti.


Friday Creek Retreat Pet Friendly Wedding Venue

Photo: Leah Moore

Dog Children Invited

We pretty much shout it from the rooftops how much we love our dog children and love meeting guests and couples that do too.  We would never want to leave them out of such a special occasion, so why should you?!  We’re pet friendly. Enough said.  Essential characteristic right there.


Friday Creek Retreat Magical Wedding Venue Coffs Harbour

Photo: Leah Moore

Magic Moments

And then there’s the magic.  What makes it magic?  Maybe it’s the fact that we have no control over when or where it’s going to happen, but it always does.  Whether it’s a birdsong that speaks right to your heart or the sight of the mist covered hills.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful and purely nature’s magic.  We’re just lucky enough to live it each day and even more grateful to share it with you on your special day.

Get to know Friday Creek Retreat personally. Whether your dream is an intimate elopement or grand wedding we offer options for all.

Simply give us a call at 0434 284 070 to find out available dates or book a tour.  We so look forward to sharing our magical little pocket of the world with you.


Written by Michelle King

Rustic Chic Mid North Coast Wedding Venue - Friday Creek Retreat

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